Wireless StimTrigger

Wireless StimTrigger


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Wireless time marker system with biometric data support

Serious EEG systems need to send accurate and precise time markers for triggers and events.

The CGX StimTrigger — developed in partnership with Cedrus — is a patented protocol that accurately broadcasts time markers with millisecond precision, resolving the issues of latency and jitter. Because timing accuracy is guaranteed in hardware, there is no need for software or algorithmic timing compensation, making experiments simple and reliable, just like a traditional wired setup.

Plus, CGX's proprietary wireless broadcasting sends information to a limitless number of in-range receiving systems for multi-subject group research.

Co-designed by Cedrus and CGX for sophisticated research projects. Mark events precisely with this all-in-one wireless trigger. Connect to eye trackers and other recorders without the need for software or algorithmic timing compensation.

  • Accepts light sensors, audio sensors, RB-x40, microphones, and USB.
  • m-pod signal mapping assigns any event marker to any output line.
  • Wireless broadcasting sends information to a limitless number of in-range receiving systems for multi-subject group research.
  • Compatible with virtually all popular triggering and stimulus presentation packages including E-Prime, Presentation, and more.

Support Notes:

StimTrigger is the result of a joint development effort between Cedrus and CGX Systems. It retains all the features of StimTracker Quad and adds the following:

  • 16-bit wireless transmission of triggers
  • A built-in “m-pod 4”; see the default signal assignments

This fourth m-pod is fully independent; you can still add three external m-pods and use the “TTL Output” connector at the same time. In other words, StimTrigger can deliver triggers to five recording devices simultaneously.

All the StimTracker support notes also apply to StimTrigger, including the notes that are specific to the Quad model.

CGX Wireless StimTrigger

It Is Not Intended For The Following Uses:

  • monitoring of patients in a clinical environment
  • use in medical diagnosis
  • on subjects undergoing surgery
  • use in sterile environments

Do Not Use This Product In These Situations:

  • near high-frequency surgical equipment
  • if exposed to ionizing radiation
  • in oxygen-rich environments (concentration > 25% at 1 atm)
  • in wet environments
  • in the presence of flammable anaesthetics or gases

Precautions For The Practitioner:

  • Do not drop the product.
  • The Wireless StimTrigger is not a diagnostic tool
  • Any medical diagnosis related to the EEG should be derived by a certified physician.


  • Dimensions:17.5 x 13.5 x 6cm
  • Resolution:16-bit simultaneous Event Marker data
  • Timing and Latency: <2ms
  • Wireless Protocol: Proprietary 2.4 GHz
  • Range: 20 meters
  • Input Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60hz, 1.0- 0.5A
  • Output Power: 9V DC, 2.0A
  • Weight: 525g

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