Wet EEG Wireless TriggerHub

wearable sensing

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Wet EEG Wireless TriggerHub

Wet EEG Wireless TriggerHub enables interfacing between Wearable Sensing’s wet EEG headsets and other systems, facilitating device synchronization and third-party system integration.

Wireless Data Synchronization:

  • Synchronization between data acquisition and stimulus trigger, enabling wireless ERP recording
  • The synchronized acquisition between multiple devices for EEG base Hyperscanning, multi-subject interaction
  • Synchronized between EMG/Eye Tracking/Video and other related signals


  • Input voltage range: line-level, 2 Vpp
  • Min. audio signal level (1 kHz): 40 mVpp
  • Bandwidth: 40 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB
  • Transmission range: 10 m
  • Repeater eliminates transmission shadow effect
  • Increases fidelity of transmission to 99.999%

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