The Plant SpikerBox

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The Plant SpikerBox

Our Plant Spikerbox allows you to perform data-driven experiments between various species of plants!

This easy-to-use device records and visualizes the signals emitted by plants, offering users the unique opportunity to peer into the fascinating world of plant signaling and plant behaviors.

Order today and start experimenting in your home or classroom!

Plug & Play
No knobs or dials. Just plug it in and get to work.

Precision Data
Powerful enough to provide publication-ready data.

Works with Venus Flytraps, Mimosas, and more!

SmartPhone & PC
Outputs to both PC and Smartphone Devices.



  1. Discover how Venus Flytraps detect and trap their prey!
  2. Learn about the Sensitive Mimosa Pudica and it's beautiful, folding leaves.
  3. Interspecies Plant-Plant-Communication: See how one plant controls the behavior of the other.
  4. We challenge YOU to discover more experiments and share them with us and the neuroscience community.


  1. Plant SpikerBox
  2. Conductive Electrode Gel
  3. Plant Communication Cable
  4. Precise Stimulation Instrument
  5. Variable Length Grounding/Recording Cables
  6. Smartphone and USB Cables

Plant SpikerBox Technical Schematic -


BYB Spike Recorder App

You can run the BYB Spike Recorder on a variety of platforms. Click the links below to download and install.

Windows -

iOS -

Android -

Arduino -

Linux -

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