The Muscle SpikerBox Pro

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The Muscle SpikerBox Pro

Reveal and record the electrical activity hidden within your muscles! This easy-to-use kit allows you to record EMG signals, giving you the power to perform human physiology experiments!

As part of our Pro line, this kit is easy to use for beginners, but powerful enough to record publication-ready results! This kit can turn any home or classroom into a Ph.D. lab!

Order your kit today and begin performing your own experiments!

With every step you take, every turn of your head, and every time you pick up a pencil, electricity courses through the muscles involved. Electricity acts as both a signal and a product, telling your muscles to move and being produced by them when your brain tells them to contract. Before now, seeing or listening to your own bioelectricity was often a costly and complex process. That's changed, however, thanks to the Backyard Brains Muscle SpikerBox. Using our device, you can easily begin to listen to and record your own (or your friends') muscle action potentials, and display them live on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It's perfect for education of all ages! Nobody is too old to be delighted by spikes! For students interested in experimenting further, it's also fun and great for projects, and neuroscience makes an impressive show at a science fair.


Don't believe that electricity is in your body? See it in action below at a TED Talk led by Backyard Brains co-founder Greg Gage. Be prepared, as most people's minds are blown when they first glimpse the bioelectricity constantly running rampant through their muscles.

Product Details

The Muscle Spikerbox can be used to non-invasively detect the electrical activity of human muscles with simple skin surface electrodes. With time, you can even identify individual motor units (that's one muscle fiber!) and see single muscle spikes.

The Muscle Spikerbox comes with 2 types of electrodes. The first type is a sticker electrode that is aimed for broad recordings of several muscles in your arm or leg. The second type are our homemade brass-tipped popsicle stick electrodes used for small muscles, like your eyeblink and finger muscles.

This device readily interfaces with your smartphone, tablet, and computer in the same way as our Neuron SpikerBox. Order your Muscle SpikerBox today and start exploring human electrophysiology!

Precision Data
Record publication-quality signals and events.

channel icon
2 Channels
Record from multiple muscles at once.

devices icon
Smartphone & PC
View on your Phone, Analyze on your PC.

It’s Loud
Whole classrooms can hear your demonstrations!


  1. What are agonist and antagonist muscle pairs?
  2. How does your Patellar Reflex compare to your Reaction Time?
  3. Can you find a single motor unit?
  4. How can you learn about muscle recruitment by eating candy?



  1. 1 x Muscle SpikerBox Pro
  2. 2 x Orange Electrode Cables
  3. 1 x Blue USB Cable
  4. 1 x Green Smartphone Cable
  5. 2 x Small Muscle Electrode Sticks
  6. 1 x Bottle of Electrode Gel
  7. 12 x Sticker Electrodes
  8. 1 x Battery


BYB Spike Recorder App

You can run the BYB Spike Recorder on a variety of platforms. Click links below to download and install.







Muscle SpikerBox Pro Technical Schematic


Muscle SpikerBox Pro Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate 10k (2ch)
Frequency Range 70-2500hz
Max Sound Level 104 SPL
Muscle Signal SNR 30dB
Battery Life 4hr at Full Volume, 18 hr Recording
Output USB Micro, Headphones, Smartphone, 2 Analog Out
Inputs 2x Muscle Cables, 5x Digital Ins or 3x Digital Ins/2x Analog Ins
Electrical Safety Type BF (Body Floating)

What's New in Muscle SpikerBox Pro




Muscle Recording  

1 Channel


2 Channels

Speaker Use  

Personal (Quiet)


Classroom (4x Louder)

iOS Recording  

Smartphone Cable (1 ch)


Smartphone Cable (1 ch)

PC / Android  

Smartphone Cable (1 ch)


USB (2 ch) / Smartphone Cable (1 ch)


Smartphone Cable (1 ch)


Smartphone Cable (1 ch)

Event Markers / Reaction Timer  



Event Markers supported on PC/Mac/Android

Reflex Hammer  



Reflex Hammer supported on PC/Mac/Android

Analog Inputs  



2 inputs for recording lab devices



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