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Name:1PC Stethoscope Aid Single Side EMT Clinical Stethoscope Portable Medical Auscultation Stethoscope Equipment Medical Tool

Material: PVC+Alloy
Length: As shown
Color: black, gray, pink.Red .yellow .blue .green.

Package included:

1 x Stethoscope

Auscultation head: The light and thin single auscultation head made of aluminum alloy is 14.4mm high, the diaphragm diameter is 47mm, and the effective auscultation interface diameter is 40mm. It is equipped with an ultra-thin fiber vibrating membrane, which can amplify the heart-lung sound and can detect high The frequency sounds and the oblique-shaped flat auscultation head facilitate insertion into the sphygmomanometer (table) armband. Ideal for blood pressure measurement.

Ear hook: The ear hook group is assembled from chrome-plated aluminum alloy tube (diameter 5mm) and spring steel sheet, with PVC earplugs. The spring steel sheet is made of manganese steel sheet material, which can be adjusted freely according to different face sizes by hand; the soft earplugs are combined with the ear canal kiss, which is soft and comfortable, and does not cause pressure on the middle ear bone.

Sound tube: Y-type sound tube has a total length of 580±10mm. It is made of PVC material, which is not easy to break, anti-aging, non-sticky, high density, and does not contain allergenic latex

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