Starstim fNIRS Integration

Starstim fNIRS Integration


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Starstim fNIRS Integration

Starstim's combined transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) and electroencephalography (EEG) features are perfectly integrated with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). Such integration allows for portable and wireless transcranial electrical stimulation experiments concurrently monitored by two versatile brain monitoring techniques.

Together with our partners, Artemis and Silverline Research, we present the most advanced and convenient solution for such integration - Starstim fNIRS. Silverline Research integrates a chosen Starstim system with a chosen Artinis fNIRS system (Brite or Octamon) into one single head cap.

  • In addition to the equipment provided,
  • Silverline Research offers an add-on software called OptEStim which allows real-time fNIRS-EEG monitoring and analysis as well as fNIRS-EEG-driven closed-loop control of tES parameters.
  • Silverline Research offers as well online assistance or on-site training (1-5 days) on how to get started with the integrated Starstim and Artemis systems.

Technical specifications:

Compatible Artinis fNIRS Systems

  • Artinis Brite (24 channels)
  • Artinis Octamon (8 channels)
  • The package includes a laptop computer (15” i5 Core, Windows 10, 8 GB RAM)

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