Starstim®-Home systems


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Starstim®-Home systems
The only brain stimulation and monitoring solution with real-time remote supervision

A paradigm shift in brain treatment research:


Our home technology answers all concerns regarding potential misuse and cumbersome remote control. This gives you an opportunity to effectively study in the intended use environment, empowering recruitment, saving you cost and time through access control and monitoring automation, and giving access to potentially excluded populations.

Starstim®-Home Features:

  • Designed for high treatment compliance: Home users are guided interactively through the treatment by a tablet, applying easy-in-use and easy-in-maintenance components
  • Real remote access control: The home device is available only during periods scheduled remotely by your team
  • Real-time remote monitoring: Your team is always up to date with real-time home event emails, access to impedance data, and questionnaire records
  • Bipolar, HD, and optimized tES: Apply tDCS, tACS, tRNS, or custom waveforms at home – including double-blinded sham stimulation.
  • Simultaneous EEG recordings: Your team has access to secure storage of EEG recordings from before, during or after the home stimulation
  • Video and task integrations: Safely and efficiently include additional study requirements in a home session flow.

Simple steps for your home study:

Starstim-Home technology covers the entire in-home investigation pipeline. Scaling your tES research and increasing its clinical value with the in-home aspect has never been easier.



  • Home Study with Multi-channel tES Montage
  • tES Study Remotely Supervised in Real-time
  • tES Study with Real-time Non-Compliance & Adverse Event Notifications
  • Double-blinded Home tES Clinical Trial
  • EEG-based Adverse Events Monitoring
  • EEG-based Treatment Prediction


  • Warranty: 2 years standard / 5 years GOLD
  • Modelling Services: Exclusive personalized model-driven montage optimizations
  • Customer Service: Free lifetime customer support + one-on-one expert assistance

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