Sleep Profiler PSG2

Advanced Brain Monitoring

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Sleep Profiler PSG2...

The Sleep Profiler PSG2TM combines the accuracy and versatility of the Sleep ProfilerTM with the cardio-respiratory signals needed for a Type 2 unattended, virtually wireless polysomnography study.

  • The 13-channel system includes EEG, EOG and EMG, wireless oximetry, nasal pressure/airflow, chest and abdomen respiratory effort (RIP or piezo), forehead and finger pulse rate, head movement and position, and quantitative snoring.

The Sleep Profiler PSG2TM is the only home sleep apnea test (HSAT) that uses voice messages to assist the patient to correctly self-apply the sensors. Real-time detection of poor airflow and oximetry signal quality trigger corrective voice alerts that contribute to an industry-leading 94% success rate for a Type II study.

The web-based software enables selection of either 3% or 4% desaturation criteria, with auto-scored apnea/hypopnea indexes based on both AASM²⁰¹² and AASM²⁰⁰⁷ scoring rules and automated detection of poor signal quality.


Sleep-Disordered Breathing:

  • Detection of apneas, hypopnea-desats, and hypopnea-arousals
  • Differentiation between obstructive and central apneas
  • Hypoxemic exposure during sleep
  • REM and positional influence on OSA severity
  • Frequency and intensity of positional snoring
  • Power spectral characteristics of the sleep stages



PSG2 enables clinicians to easily and accurately conduct unattended PSG studies to:

  • Rule out potential false-negative Type III study results
  • Provide PSG studies to patients who are:
  • hospitalized and need to qualify for CPAP reimbursement
  • in need based on co-morbidities, but unable to schedule a lab-based study
  • unable to sleep during a laboratory PSG
  • suspected of upper airway resistance syndrome
  • suspected of having a neurodegenerative disease


  • Channels: Up to 13
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Weight, including WristOx® and Effort Belts: up to 388g (13.7oz)
  • Memory:8 GB internal
  • Recording Time: Up to 30 hours
  • Airflow range:± 2cm H₂O
  • Oximetry accuracy:± 2% at one standard deviation from 70% to 100%

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