Pre & Post QEEG comparison report

Pre & Post QEEG comparison report


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Pre & Post ERP (VCPT) comparison report
Comparison report with recommendations

This analysis including a comparison of two data sets recorded before and after the intervention:

  • Signal processing tools (IPA, PCA, automatic rejection of artefacts and spikes)
  • FFT analysis of the brain electrical activity (power spectra distribution maps, asymmetry, coherence analysis, index of inattention).
  • Identification of the source of the biggest deviations in the brain with LORETA and sLORETA tools.
  • Statistical analysis and comparison of individual data with HBImed normative database and identification of functional brain biomarkers.

Comparison of two datasets and description of deviation in different parameters:

  • power spectra, asymmetry, coherence, index of inattention.
  • Recommendations for biofeedback, neurofeedback ILF, tDCS and other forms of therapy.

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