Guardian® XT™


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Guardian® XT™
Highly Dexterous Mobile Robot

The Guardian XT highly dexterous mobile robot performs intricate, and even dangerous, tasks that require human-like skill, all while keeping the operator at a safe distance. The robot is platform-agnostic and attaches to various mobile bases, including wheeled or tracked vehicles such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, and bucket trucks to address maintenance and logistics needs. Based on the upper-body of the innovative Guardian® XO® full-body exoskeleton, the Guardian XT robot provides unparalleled strength, dexterity, agility, precision, and versatility on a human scale.

Guardian XT Use Case Examples:

  • Teleoperation of power tools for grinding, cutting, and welding, even at height
  • Deploying sensors for non-destructive structural testing and inspections
  • Lifting and manipulating heavy components weighing up to 200 pounds
  • Indoor, overhead communication panel repair and maintenance
  • ...and other dangerous and dexterous tasks across industries worldwide

The Guardian XT robot is intuitive to operate. Users control the robot via the wearable motion-capturing SenSuit® garment. The garment enables the operator to utilize their natural reflexes, instincts, and judgment to perform complex tasks in unstructured, often hazardous environments, all while keeping out of harm’s way.

Safely extending human capabilities in complex industrial environments:

The Guardian® XT™ highly dexterous mobile robot combines robotic strength and precision with human judgment and ingenuity via teleoperation for unparalleled productivity and safety in dangerous, complex, and unstructured industrial environments. Its versatile design enables mounting to various mobile and lift platforms and allows operators to control their trade tools remotely while working at height or ground level.

Designed for Use in Challenging Industrial Work Environments:

  • One- or two-armed upper body robot mounts on various mobile and lift platforms, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications, including at-height, overhead, and ground-level configurations
  • An operator can safely teleoperate the system to perform dexterous tasks remotely, using custom and off-the-shelf trade tools
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Battery-operated for maximum portability and use in unstructured environments (can also accommodate installed power sources)

Robotic Capability Meets Human Skill and Intelligence for Maximum Dexterity:

  • A combination of robotic arms, torso, and actuated end effectors enable a wide range of motion and dexterity (reach, grab, raise/lower, turn)
  • Each arm can lift and manipulate up to 100 lb (200 lb with 2 arms)1
  • Dexterous control of the robotic arms, end effectors, and trade tools is achieved via the SenSuit™ motion-capturing controller garment, HD head-mounted display (HMD), and hand-input devices
  • Operator senses real-time feedback of the robot’s interactions with its environment through vibrotactile feedback from integrated sensors in the SenSuit™ garment, force-reflective feedback from the hand-input devices, and situational awareness from the head-mounted display with a built-in head tracking feature

Industries and Applications:

The Guardian XT
the highly dexterous mobile robot is uniquely equipped to increase worker safety and efficiency in challenging work environments that occur in a wide variety of industries,


  • Power Utilities: Powerline maintenance and vegetation management
  • Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, and Food Processing: Pipe inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Construction: Overhead and at-height heavy tools work and bridge building/repair
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair: Building façade inspection, wireless telecommunication tower repair/ maintenance, and indoor communication panel repair/maintenance
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Overhead heavy tools work, heavy metal welding/cutting, painting, and pre-commissioning NDT inspections
  • Maritime: Shipbuilding, maintenance, and repair
  • Distribution and Warehousing: At-height pick and pack, operational maintenance, and repair
  • Parks, Forest, and Commercial Property Management: Commercial tree trimming


  • Dimensions : Arms/Torso: Height2 <72” (1.83 m) x Width <40” (1.02 m) x Depth <24” (0.61 m)
  • Weight: <250 lb (<113 kg) for two-arm variant
  • Lift Capacity: 100 lb per arm (45.4 kg)
  • Workspace: Reach and workspace are dependent on the type of base selected
  • Operating Temperature:4 °F to 115 °F (-20 °C to 46 °C)
  • Power: Supports 3 power sources: DC battery modules x 3 (hot-swappable), AC supply 120 V / 20 A,  Mobile or lift platform power source
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • HD HMD: Augmented reality-enabled

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