Enobio 8


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Enobio 8
Wireless high-density EEG medical grade system for high-precision brain research

Enobio 8 Features:

  • Mobile, comfortable, precise and robust wireless EEG.
  • Ideal for high-density recordings.
  • Welcome to the next generation of medical-grade EEG devices.

Precise digital signals:

With its high dynamic resolution (24 bits, 0.05 UV) and sampling rate, Enobio 8 is one of the most precise systems in its class. It offers a bandwidth of 0 to 125 Hz. The software integrates markers from external data sources through LSL, TCP or hardware triggers. All data is stored at sample precision. The flexible equipment enables the recording of accelerometry, ECG and EMG in your configuration of interest.

Easy and Flexible Dry or Wet Set-ups:

Enobio 8 allows for easy set-up of 8-channel EEG recording in just 1-2 minutes with dry electrodes, 2-3 minutes with our solid gel, or 8-12 minutes with gel-based electrodes. The flexible head cap design and electrodes portfolio allow you to fully adapt the headset montage to your application, applying high density and disposable electrodes for clinical use, or robust dry electrodes to facilitate out-of-the-lab recording.

Wireless and Truly Mobile:

Our light and portable high-density Enobio 8 device include a rechargeable battery with an operating life of 6.5 hours with wireless data transmission (range of 10 meters from the computer running the controller software NIC2). The SD card recording (Holter mode) allows for up to 19-hour-long mobile experiments with no computer involved.

Real-time Monitoring Software Included:

Enobio 8 includes our free, intuitive and powerful NIC2 software interface with versatile capabilities for real-time analysis. It enables time-frequency analysis with the spectrum, spectrogram, and band power visualization, as well as scalp and cortical map real-time rendering of filtered data. Design your personalized displays to facilitate the monitoring and visualization of particular brain rhythms.

EEG Analysis Libraries to Support your Work:

Data recorded by Enobio 8 enriched by markers gets stored with a sample-precision timestamp in proprietary NEDF format and standard EDF+ and ASCII formats. Utilize standard or customized proprietary algorithms reading 24-bit data with EEGLab plugin, our rich Python library, or standard file type readers (EDF+ or ASCII).

End-to-End Experiments with Real-time Integrations:

Enobio with NIC2 is prepared to integrate data from external sources and/or share data with external systems. Our portfolio of synchronization approaches including LSL, SDK and TTL ensures compatibility with OpenVibe, BCI2000, NeuroGuide, Presentation and more. Apply Enobio in hyper scanning or ERP experiments, BCI or neurofeedback applications, or platforms integrating physiological data.

Available for both Clinical and Research Applications:

The Enobio 8 system is a medical device that can be used in clinical procedures as well as clinical research in the EU, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In the US, it is available in two versions: Enobio FDA is an FDA-cleared closed system offered to clinics while Enobio is a system for clinical and basic research. Globally, we offer yet another option: Enobio Research - intended for consumer neuroscience and other non-medical research. Our team will help you choose the right option for your application.

Lifetime Customer Support & Multiple Warranty Options:

By acquiring Enobio 8, you become part of the Neuroelectrics family. We will take care of you and your devices with free lifetime customer support and one-on-one expert assistance. With our Gold Warranty option, you get 5 years of coverage for your device and a unique temporary device replacement service.

Conditions of Use:

Enobio must be used with normal temperature, humidity and pressure conditions:

  • Temperature Range: +5 to 40 °C
  • Humidity: 15 - 93 %
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 700 - 1.000 hPa

The device must be stored inside the box between uses, in the following environmental conditions:

  • Temperature Range: -25 to +65 °C
  • Humidity: 15 - 93 %

This equipment needs to be installed and put into service in accordance to the information provided in this user manual.

Safety Information:

Enobio conforms to the following standards:

  • EN 60601-1:2006/A1:2013
  • UNE-EN 60601-1-2:2008
  • UNE-EN 60601-2-26:2004
  • IEC 60601-1-11:2010
  • EN 980:2008
  • EN 1041:2008
  • EN ISO 14971:2012
  • IEC 60601-1-6:2010

The device cannot be turned on while it is connected to the main power supply through the power adaptor. The isolation of the main power supply is achieved by disconnecting the power adaptor.


  • Number of channels: 8 Channels
  • Device weight: 83 g
  • Available head caps 6 sizes: 42/46/49/54/57/60cm
  • Operating time — WiFi communication: 6.5 hours
  • Operating time — MicroSD recording: 20.0 hours
  • Operating time — USB communication: 24.0 hours
  • Set-up time using gel: 8-12 minutes
  • Set-up time using solid gel: 2-3 minutes
  • Set-up time using dry electrodes: 1-2 minutes

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