Enobio® EEG systems

Enobio® EEG systems


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Enobio® EEG systems
Wireless medical-grade EEG systems for high precision EEG monitoring.

Fully Integrative Platform & Service for Brain Research:


  • ERP: Integrate stimuli software and EEG analytics libraries for effective Event-Related Potentials (ERP) experiments.
  • SDK: Use Enobio APIs to integrate the raw EEG signals into your investigational app
  • BCI: Integrate with state-of-the-art tools for Brain-Computer Interfacing and Neurofeedback
  • Mobile Brain Imaging: Record outside the lab for sports performance and consumer neuroscience research
  • Hyperscanning: Study multiple subjects at a time with precise synchronization

Enobio® Key Features:

  • Precise EEG: With a high dynamic resolution & sampling rate, Enobio is one of the most precise systems in its class
  • Easy set-up: In just a few minutes, prepare your EEG recording with up to 32 channels
  • Mobile and wireless: Up to 20 hours with SD card recording, open for integrations with other physiologic sensors
  • Real-time EEG analysis: Time-frequency analysis with scalp and cortical source display during EEG acquisition
  • Proprietary dry & wet electrodes: Enobio offers handy gel, solid gel and dry electrode solutions, ready for your application.

Enobio® is our wireless and powerful easy-to-use EEG system. It is ready for basic and advanced research:

Welcome to the next generation of precise recording EEG devices with 8, 20 and 32 channels and an intuitive user interface for real-time visualization of high-resolution EEG data. Enobio is CE medically certified in Europe and FDA-cleared in the US.


  • EEG monitoring in clinical applications
  • Brain development research
  • Mobile brain imaging
  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Neurofeedback applications
  • Application development with SDK
  • Consumer neuroscience research


  • Warranty: 2 years standard / 5 years GOLD
  • EEG Insights Consultancy: Starlab, our exclusive partner leading in applied neuroscience
  • Customer Service: Free lifetime customer support + one-on-one expert assistance

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