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EMOTIV LABS is the first-ever crowdsourced platform allowing anyone anywhere to participate in fun and easy neuroscience research initiatives.

Learn about your brain and see how you perform against other participants all over the world. We enable members of the EMOTIV community without a background or formal qualification in neuroscience to actively contribute to neuroscientific research.

EMOTIV LAB's brain games:

Our brain games are inspired by scientific findings and validated extensively by researchers in peer-reviewed publications.
They are designed to test and analyze cognitive stress and attention, with more Performance Metrics opening up in the future. You’ll receive reports after each game to understand your brain performance and see how you stack up against your peers.

Traditional methods of brain research have been restricted by limited access, narrow demographics, and are expensive. Collecting EEG data at scale from users all around the world will enable us to push neuroscience research further.
LABS enables faster, more diversified data collection & analysis. Findings from huge data sets can help us understand the human brain and its potential. This can positively impact the direction of health, education, and the way we interact with technology.

Performance Metrics:

Real-time, quantitative measures of your changing brain dynamics as you play each game.
Each report will provide a number of useful measures of cognitive performance derived from your mental activity.

Cognitive stress:

Cognitive stress refers to the emotional and physiological response to uncontrollable and unpredictable situations.
Our metric of cognitive stress is a composite measure of acute stress brought on by demanding cognitive tasks under both time & social pressure.

Visual attention:

Every day, we continuously scan the surrounding environment focusing on the faces of people we meet, words we read, images on a package, moving vehicles when we cross a street and a variety of other objects. Visual attention is experienced as alertness and the conscious direction of attention towards task-relevant visual stimuli.


Engagement measures the level of immersion in any stimuli. Engagement may increase on immersion into stimuli that may be either positive or negative in nature. The engagement has been seen to decrease on boring, mundane and automated cognitive processes.

Machine-Learning detections:

There is a lot going on in our brains. While electroencephalography (EEG) is an unparalleled technology at capturing real-time activity, making sense of the raw data can be complicated. Machine learning enables us to discern complex patterns in the data, enabling us to track cognitive states with single number scores that change in real time.

Individual and collective feedback:

Our Performance Metrics have been established from contextualized EEG data from thousands of individuals. In controlled psychological experiments and real-life settings, our team of researchers have collected the data used to build these machine learning algorithms. Each of the performance metrics is scaled and tailored to the individual user based on their own “range” of brain activity.


EMOTIV products are intended to be used for research applications and personal use only. Our products are not sold as Medical Devices as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Our products are not designed or intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease.

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