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Our neuroheadset research accessory adds even more mobility and accuracy to your EPOC+ or Insight.

The EMOTIV Extender accessory adds even more mobility and marker accuracy to your EMOTIV headset. An essential companion product for your Insight, Flex and EPOC+ headsets, the EMOTIV Extender is a mains isolated external rechargeable battery pack with a microSD card for external storage.

Key Features:

EMOTIV Extender is a mains isolated, external rechargeable battery pack with a microSD card reader to extend battery life and enable external storage.

  • Extends headset battery: up to 12 hours
  • Mains isolation: allows headset use even while charging
  • Removable data storage: with Micro SD card reader* for offline use
  • Hardware input port: for a precise event marking
  • Onboard real-time clock: synchronized to your PC
  • Direct, isolated USB data connection: records direct to your PC as an alternative to wireless.

Modes of operation:

The extender has four modes of operation that you can choose from to best suit your needs:

  • Power-only mode extends the battery life of your headset
  • SD card recording mode allows you to record data to the Extender, rather than to a computer or mobile device
  • Pass-through mode directly records data to your computer, bypassing the wireless feature
  • USB drive mode allows you to access the data on the SD card when connected via USB.

Syncing real-time clock:

The extender has a real-time clock that is used to timestamp a recording. Before you start recording files, it is a good idea to update the RTC by syncing it to your computer using our service application, EMOTIV App.

Extended recording time:

The extender includes a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery which extends your EMOTIV headset’s battery life by more than 12 hours.

Extended recording time

Data Logger:

The Extender’s built-in Micro SD card reader (up to 32GB) removes the need to record data to a PC or mobile device. Gain more freedom and download your data to your computer at your convenience.

Safety Precautions:

  • The extender is a consumer product, it is not intended to use be used for in-patient health care or in hazardous environments.
  • The extender is powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery that is rated for operation in <45C environments. It is not user-replaceable, please contact support if you suspect you have a faulty battery.



  • Do not open the enclosure. Doing so will void the warranty and can damage the headset.
  • The extender features a 2.5kV isolation barrier. Safety precautions have been taken to ensure this isolation barrier but any modification to the case will mitigate the safety.


The EMOTIV Extender is compatible with our latest headsets (Insight, Flex and EPOC+) and is designed to enhance the headset usability by providing longer battery life and data storage. It has four functions:

  • Extends the battery life of the headset.
  • Allows tethering of the headset to your computer. The tether is isolated to provide a safe, reliable connection while minimising the injected noise.
  • Allows a user to record their sessions to a microSD card for later playback and analysis, removing the need to record to a mobile device or PC.
  • Allows an external hardware trigger to inject marker data directly into the raw data stream, improving the accuracy of marked events to +/- 1 sample.


  • Connectivity - PC: USB - Mini B
  • Connectivity - Headset: USB - A
  • Insulation: 2.5kV
  • Trigger Input: Opto-isolated >2.5V pulse
  • Trigger Minimum pulse: 100us
  • Trigger Edge: Rising
  • Battery life (standby) 70% full: 1 year
  • Battery life (SD mode): 10 hours
  • Battery life (tethered): Unlimited
  • Battery life (Power Only): 7 hours
  • Charging Time (1A): 2 hours
  • Battery Capacity: LiPo battery 1850mAh

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