Electrode Cable Set for Enobio 32

Electrode Cable Set for Enobio 32


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NE018a, NE018b & NE018c
Electrode Cable Set for Enobio 32

A set of 3 cables optimized in length for default Enobio 32 montages. The cables allow for the connection of a device to electrodes that are placed on the scalp as well as to the CMS-DRL reference electrodes. Each electrode clip has a vivid annotation of the EEG 10-10 system position in the Enobio 32 default montage. Each cable also has a small annotation of the channel number to support custom montages. Cables are included with the Enobio 32 system.

Technical specifications:


  • NE018a: Channels 1-8 (P7,P4,Cz,Pz,P3,P8,O1,O2) & reference (CMS,DRL)
  • NE018b: Channels 9-19 (T8,F8,C4,F4,Fp2,Fz,C3,F3,Fp1,T7,F7) & extension clip (EXT)
  • NE018c: Channels 21-32 (PO4,FC6,FC2,AF4,CP6,CP2,CP1,CP5,FC1,FC5,AF3,PO3)

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