EEGStudio LTM software

EEGStudio LTM software


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EEGStudio LTM software
Long-term EEG monitoring

EEGStudio LTM software:

Software key features:

Our software package includes all necessary options for long-term EEG monitoring both for epilepsy studies and ICU. Built-in trending package includes a wide range of DSA as well as HRV and SpO2 trends.

  • Patient and recording management database
  • Powerful DSA trend graphs package
  • Spike and unlikely events detection
  • Synchronized video and audio patient capturing
  • Detailed event logging (event table)
  • Dual monitor mode for technician/doctor comfort
  • EEG viewer software and data archiving solution
  • Video clips creating for selected recording fragment

Spike detection:

spike trend

The software performs automatic detection of the spike, spike-wave, and bursts of fast or slow activity with quick navigation between seizure events. A combination of DSA and spike trends allow easy determination of epileptiform-like activity.

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