EEG TGAM Brainwave Sensor Starter Kit (multiple options)

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TGAM  Brainwave Sensor EEG Starter Kit for Arduino or Neurosky App Development With TGAT1. SDK Provided

TGAM Starter Kit Brainwave Sensor EEG Sensor Brain Control Toys for Arduino or Neurosky App Development With TGAT1 Providing SDK
With this starter kit you could make your own Wearable Brain Computer Interface device using EEG.
You could read the brainwave data from your PC or android Phone.
Supports most neurosky softwares on PC and android.
Free instructions and SDK sent by email.
The NeuroSky TGAM technoloy provides a powerful foundation for developing applications that promote improved focus, concentration, working memory, and mind acuity. Other uses include meditation, relaxation monitoring, and improved educational processes. The low-cost OEM solution is a high-performance bio-signal on a single chip for accurate brain activity detection and processing.

Note: the kit transfers signal by bluetooth so if you want to connect the kit with computers you need to use bluetooth.


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