EEG Studio Clinical software

EEG Studio Clinical software


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EEG Studio Clinical software
Applications for EEG processing

EEGStudio – applications for EEG acquisition and post-hoc processing:

  • EEGStudio includes a patient management system, acquisition and processing modules that fit all requirements of clinical routines.

Patient management:

Database of patients information and recordings:

  • Storage and management of patient’s data
  • Easy search for any variables of data
  • Supports of different user accounts
  • Access rights for doctor and technician



EEG Acquisition:

EEGStudio clinical software

Recording of EEG and other biosignal signals:

  • Automatic recording scenarios
  • Real-time EEG re-montaging
  • Doctor labels and comments
  • Programs for photic stimulation
  • Automatic EEG storage
  • Scroll back while recording acoustic stimulation programs

Montage library:

Contains a number of editable world-recognized montages:

  • Add new or edit library montages
  • Graphical preview of created montage
  • Set individual parameters for any channel
  • Rename and colour any channel

Report creation:

Make your final reports in MS Word using templates:

  • Doctor report creation in MS Word
  • Unlimited templates for final reports
  • Coping of any data to the report
  • Easy printing out of EEG screen

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