EEG Minicap Electrodes

EEG Minicap Electrodes

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EEG Minicap Electrodes

The EEG Minicab Electrodes are used mainly for EEG and neurofeedback applications. The EEG Minicab Electrodes can only be used with a Touch Proof (TP) connection. Electrogel or Nuprep and Ten20 can be used for preparation. Attach the electrodes to the ears by using our earclips or use a minicab to position the electrodes.

EEG Minicab Electrodes are packed per 5. The electrodes can be re-used 100+ times. Clean the electrodes with Ivory or lukewarm water.

  • Reusable for 100+ times
  • Packed per 5

The EEG mini-cap, atlas and source models for Wistar rats represent a new experimental platform for translational neuroscience, bridging the gap between rat and human measurements and enabling non-invasive multi-modal measurements that previously had been unavailable.

The EEG Minicab Electrodes Touch Proof (TP) are sintered EEG electrodes for use with the NeXus EXG Sensor TP or SCP Sensor and an EEG Minicab or Microcap.

These electrodes are reusable (hundreds of times). Connect the electrodes to a TP sensor and position them beneath the cap. Electrogel is applied to the electrode by the use of a syringe with a blunt needle. The alternative is just using Nuprep and Ten20.

EEG net hood with 3 foam rubber round cords. Pleasant Velcro for pleasant closure and optimal wearing comfort. Side-facing adjusting for optimal fit with the individual head shape. 3 main rubber strands for easier finding of the exact electrodeposition. The minimal configuration for the easier achievement of frontal, central, and parietal electrode positions.

Other benefits:

  • Very easy cleaning possible.
  • size customizable for adults and children 10 years and up.
  • electrodes and mounts not included.

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