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Dev Kit


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8-Channel Dry Electrode EEG Amplifier and electrodes
Here's a versatile development kit for EEG researchers.

The Dev Kit includes everything you need to undertake EEG experiments and custom hardware development: an 8-channel amplifier, inputs for CGX dry electrodes and ExG’s, and a headband for mounting dry electrodes.

Everything an EEG researcher or developer needs for unencumbered experimentation. The Dev Kit includes everything you need to undertake EEG experiments and custom hardware development: a 32-channel amplifier, inputs for CGX dry electrodes, ExG’s and traditional wet caps, and a headband for mounting dry electrodes.

  • Up to 32 Channel System
  • Practitioner Level
  • Soft, washable fabric band with reinforced polymers for a snug, artefact-resistant fit.
  • Standalone Amp (data acquisition unit) attaches to the headband, stores data on an SD card, or streams via Bluetooth.
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life.
  • Configure loose lead lines to meet your experimentation needs.
  • Compatible with CGX sensors.

Optional In-Ear EEG:

Unique in-ear EEG for researchers. Comfortable and lightweight with excellent signal quality. Plugs into a single channel on the Dev Kit. Kit includes 3 Auris Earbud Sensors and 100 disposable HydroFlex Earbud Sensors. Note: Not appropriate for sleep studies.



Features & Benefits:

The ECG Development Kit supplies researchers and developers with the necessary supports to realise market-ready wireless solutions.

  • Best data quality - Integrated altimeter and 9DoF inertial sensing via accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, each with selectable range.
  • Five wire, four lead ECG solution, measuring bipolar limb leads and user's choice of V1-V6.
  • Measure two channels of EMG data with a common reference electrode.
  • Software configurable right-leg drive for common-mode interference rejection.
  • Software configurable amplifier gain and data rate.
  • Respiration demodulation capability on-chip.
  • Lead-off detection capability on-chip.
  • Test signal on-chip for validation purposes.
  • EEPROM storage device enables expansion board detection and identification, as well as 2032 bytes of data storage available to users.

It Is Not Intended For The Following Uses:

  • monitoring of patients in a clinical environment
  • use in medical diagnosis
  • on subjects undergoing surgery
  • use in sterile environments
  • use with sleeping subjects

Do Not Use This Product In These Situations:

  • near high-frequency surgical equipment
  • if exposed to ionizing radiation
  • in oxygen-rich environments (concentration
  • > 25% at 1 atm)
  • in wet environments
  • in the presence of flammable anaesthetics or gases

Precautions For The Practitioner:

  • Do not drop, sit on, or step on the amplifier or sensors.
  • Check if your subject has a sensitive dermatological condition causing sensor intolerance.
  • Avoid cross-subject contamination. Do not use with subjects having open wounds or scalp infections.
  • The Dev Kit headset is not a diagnostic tool. Any medical diagnosis related to the EEG should be derived by a certified physician.


  • Dimensions:2.5 x 9 x 8 cm
  • Bandwidth:0-131 Hz with true DC coupling.
  • Accelerometer:3-axis accelerometer measures head motion
  • Range:10 meters
  • Noise:<1.0 μV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs.
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Compatible With: CGX Wireless Stimtrigger.
  • Battery Life:8 hour battery life
  • Weight:80g

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