B-Alert EEG software

Advanced Brain Monitoring

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B-Alert EEG software...

B-Alert Live software combines real-time and offline processing and analysis tools. The real-time graphical user interface displays Cognitive State and Workload metric gauges over time and EEG heat maps for data visualization. Raw and automated decontamination data streams are available for viewing in real-time and offline. The software development kit (SDK) allows accurate synchronization and integration of raw, decontaminated and/or Metric data streams to support a range of closed-loop solutions.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Signal Decontamination (EMG, EOG, spikes, Saturations, and excursions) in addition to raw data
  • Real-time Cognitive State Metrics for measuring subject’s engagement & drowsiness levels
  • Real-time Cognitive Workload Metric for measuring subject’s mental effort
  • Visualization & Presentation GUI
  • Comprehensive EDF Output Files
  • Integration APIs for Auto-Decon & All Metrics
  • Supports MP4 Video Recording / Remote Video Monitoring

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