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Archelis for Medical

TOKYO -- Japanese mould manufacturer Nitto will next spring release a wearable chair that can help surgeons when they are performing long surgeries.

It straps onto the wearer's legs and buttocks, letting them stand and walk normally, but providing support so they can also sit wherever they want.

With a cushion pressing on the shin and thigh, the weight is dispersed in the direction of the shins and thigh to stabilize the body. The user can also walk freely while wearing the Archelis. Because the Archelis is not an electric device, it does not interfere with wireless devices at hospitals. The positions of the thigh and shin are adjustable.

A company representative said the Archelis is specifically designed for doctors who perform laparoscopically, or minimally invasive, surgery, which puts less strain on patients than conventional abdominal surgery. But laparoscopic surgery puts more strain on surgeons, as their duration -- often five to six hours -- is much longer than with conventional surgery

Exoskeleton assists suit which enables long-hour standing works without stress on legs and lower back.

By supporting the body in a standing position, the fatigue of the body caused by long-hour standing works is greatly reduced. By balancing and supporting your weight with your shins and thighs, your body trunk is kept stable, making you relieved from back pain.

  • Freely walk and sit anywhere you want
  • No power supply needed
  • Easy to wear for any height or body type

Various uses:

  • Archelis improves the work environment and reduces physical strain.
  • Increasing work productivity and
  • helping maintain the health of workers by archelis.
  • Medical(Surgeo, Scopist, Endoscope, Scrub nurses)
  • Metal Processing(Welding, Press, Lathe)
  • Assembly factory(Assembly line, Inspection)

Why is archelis good for your legs and back ?:

  • About the physical load and the ease of walking due to posture
  • Up to 33% reduction in the burden of waist muscles by wearing archelis
  • Load analysis on the body by musculoskeletal analysis

Not wearing

Wearing archelis

  • Product Name: archelis for Medical
  • Size :17.5×28×71.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.07lb / 2.7kg (one leg)
  • Company: archelis
  • Material: Iron, aluminium
  • product type: Exoskeleton
  • Customs: Japan
  • Product Code: ar001-S


The product provides 3 modes to suit different levels of ease in walking and standing position retention. You can switch modes using the locking dials on your knees.

Free mode:

Easier to walk than other modes. You can bend your knees freely, and there are no restrictions on the movement of your legs. This mode does not support the standing position.

Archelis mode:

This mode is a hybrid mode enabling both walking and standing body support. Support your body with your knees bent slightly.

Standing mode:

This mode supports the standing body. At first glance, it looks like just standing, but the user can maintain the posture without any fatigue.

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