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Archelis for Factory

A wearable chair called Archelis (meaning ‘walkable chair’ in Japanese) is designed for surgeons, allowing them to sit during surgery, thus reducing fatigue during long and physically demanding operations. It was developed for people in the medical field, but it can also help any worker in any industry who must stand for long periods.

The Archelis is a chairless-chair type of passive lower-body exoskeleton. It allows the user to walk freely but can lock in place as a high chair or stool at any time. The company offers two occupational variants, one for medical professionals such as surgeons who sometimes have to stand and hover over a patient for many hours at a time and one variant for industrial workers.

These types of exoskeletons are based on prior research going back many decades to allow people to sit in nearly any situation. The Archelis and similar devices have been recorded being used in factories, surgical rooms, and public transportation.  It is designed to reduce fatigue from standing in place for too long.

While the concept may be old, the potential for ROI is there. As people get fatigued, our concentration on the task we may be performing decreases. Imagine a brain surgeon performing a delicate procedure for multiple hours standing over you.

  • Made of metal
  • which makes it stable
  • Stain-resistant black color

Archelis, a new “wearable chair” that could help surgeons and other professional standers stave off fatigue (all images courtesy Archelis)

The design intent is for the Archelis to:

  • Allow the user to work prolonged periods of time while standing without any burden on their legs & lower back
  • Maintain freedom to walk and move while wearing the exoskeleton
  • No battery or other energy source is required, this is a purely mechanical device
  • To be worn on various body shapes with a simple adjustment

Exoskeleton assists suit which enables long-hour standing works without stress on legs and lower back.

By supporting the body in a standing position, the fatigue of the body caused by long-hour standing works is greatly reduced. By balancing and supporting your weight with your shins and thighs, your body trunk is kept stable, making you relieved from back pain.

  • Freely walk and sit anywhere you want
  • No power supply needed
  • Easy to wear for any height or body type

Various uses:

  • Archelis improves the work environment and reduces physical strain.
  • Increasing work productivity and
  • helping maintain the health of workers by archelis.
  • Medical(Surgeo, Scopist, Endoscope, Scrub nurses)
  • Metal Processing(Welding, Press, Lathe)
  • Assembly factory(Assembly line, Inspection)

Why is archelis good for your legs and back ?:

  • About the physical load and the ease of walking due to posture
  • Up to 33% reduction in the burden of waist muscles by wearing archelis
  • Load analysis on the body by musculoskeletal analysis

Not wearing

Wearing archelis


  • Product Name: archelis for Factory
  • Size :17.5×28×78.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.95lb / 2.7kg (one leg)
  • Company: archelis
  • Material:Iron, aluminum
  • product type: Exoskeleton
  • Customs: Japan

The Archelis supports three modes of operations:

  • Free Mode: Easier to walk than other modes, allows for the knees to bend freely and there are no restrictions to the legs. However, it does not support a standing position.
  • Archelis Mode: allows for walking and for body support with the knees slightly bent.
  • Standing Mode supports the body while standing. On the outside, it may appear like the user is just standing in place but the passive exoskeleton is actually supporting them.

Free mode:

Easier to walk than other modes. You can bend your knees freely, and there are no restrictions on the movement of your legs. This mode does not support the standing position.

Archelis mode:

This mode is a hybrid mode enabling both walking and standing body support. Support your body with your knees bent slightly.

Standing mode:

This mode supports the standing body. At first glance, it looks like just standing, but the user can maintain the posture without any fatigue.

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