20 pcs x 8x5mm Pre-soldered LED lights (multiple colour options)

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20 pcs x 8x5mm Pre-soldered LED lights (multiple colour options)


Brand new. Perfect for small models and really tight places!. Soldering SMDs is very difficult, but these pre-wired units take all the work out of it for the modeler. This kind of soldering is very extensive and difficult to perform, but is offering maximum flexibility when applying the LED and is ensuring place-saving usage. For optimal insulation with minimal outside diameter and at the same time "water-like" softness, translucent grey stranded micro litz wire with only 0.28 mm in diameter is used. The insulation is made from a highly heat-resistant material with PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene). That´s why during soldering there is almost no longitudinal shrinkage. The wire length is about 200 mm. For easy recognizable connecting, the Cathode is about 10 mm shorter than the Anode.


Brand: Evemodel.
Size: It's SMD Led 0805(2.00x1.25mm), The wire is about 20cm(L).
Forward voltage: 2.8V~3.4V, AC or DC Compatible.
Forward current (typ/max): 15mA/20mA.
Viewing Angle: About 120 degree.
Emitting color: depending on your choice.

Package included

20pcs x Pre-soldered with micro litz wired leads SMD Led 0603.
20pcs x resistors (pre-soldered) for 9~18V operation.

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