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10g Medical Diabetic Monofilament Sensory Tester Foot Nerve Test Needle Pen Nylon Filament Endocrinological Diagnostic Tool:\



This 10g diabetic monofilament tester is a tool to test the nurve sensitivity for diabetic patients. With the nylon needle at the Retractable tip, it can use to test the patient's foot, knee or other parts of the body to see the condition of nerve/pain reaction. About 30% of diabetic patients have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, so there is a clinical need for a reliable method for the screening of this complication. 10g nylon silk is an objective and simple tool used clinically to screen diabetic patients for lack of protective sensation.



* Material: ABS + Nylon tip
* Size: 12.85cm long 2.4cm wide
* Color: white & black
* Item name: Diabetic monogilament tester


Package includes:

1 x tester 
5 x nylon needle

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