Why Invest.

Considering Investing in a business? Why not choose the worlds leading pioneering business in the medicine and technology convergence known as Cybernetics. We have a strong opinion on the development of the human race, and our team has decades of experience working with the leading doctors, scientists, businesses and organisations on the forefront of Human evolution to devise the worlds only forward goal to achieve cyborgisation. To become more than human. To join the next stage of human evolution.

We are the only organisation on Earth that has the largest reach of Clinicians, Prosthetists, Neurologists, Anatomists, Physiologists, Body Modification artists, Surgeons, Cybernetic Engineers, Designers, Industrial Engineers, Orthotists, Artists, Researchers and more leading authors and experts in the fields of Cybernetics within our partner network to provide world class first emergence of Cybernetic medical hardware offerings and software, engineering and medical support.

Our Timeline, goals, paths, decisions are changing the human race forever and day by day our technology makes religions, cultures, races, governments, and militaries redundant. We have capabilities to replace the world's financial system, to revolutionising defence weapon capabilities, from helping farmers in rural parts of the developed world able to 3D print out open source prosthetics to heal themselves to designer medical prosthetics to help you stand out from the crowd and be special.

We are the worlds first. We have been under media scrutiny since our inception. We have fought all the battles that have prevented an organisation like this from ever existing, and we are open to the public. We operate globally from China, India, America to Australia. Situated domestically in our Australian headquarters we aim to provide an equal, non judgemental medical Cybernetic support, hardware distribution and care to the global audience.

Before we started the market never existed for Cybernetics. We created a new world a new hope. We started the cult following worldwide of Cybernetics and this isn't the end, we have designs for new innovation, new markets, new ways to explore the world. This comes at a cost. Legally and economically we can only fight one fight at a time. We come from humble self funded roots and need more to grow.

Your investment no matter how small will help change the world forever. Your name will be annualised in our organisations legacy and website and promotional marketing material. You will be praised throughout our organisations lifetime in every way we can. You may even choose how your money is invested for us to come up with custom, designer, research, hardware or technology. You will be made a part of the team and board and have a say in all future endeavours.

We need You. We fight battles that diminish our reserves of savings. We can only operate with the greater support of the global community.

If you are serious in willing to invest then please contact us using to following link: Contact us to arrange a suitable time to discuss.

Public Financial Reports - TBD 2022

Timeline Goals


Business - Incorporate into PTY LTD.

Research - At least 4 published papers with Research Gate on Prosthetics, 3D Printing and developing world, Historical applications of Prosthetic Weapons. Lab grown arm's vs prosthetics and Creating new senses.

New services - Cryogenics global services.

New software - Bionic/Implant selector

New hardware - New offering of native domestic EEG product.

Marketing - Guinness world records submission, organisation, and future endeavours with Cyborg Foundation rights associations.



Research - Living Battery, Human financial node network, Universal Translator ear implant.

New Book - 3D Printing Prosthetics

New Services - Digital immortality afterlife services. VR services.

New Relationships - Defining the meaning of Cybernetics. Cyborgisation and key unique terminology with leading English Dictionary and Encyclopedia organisations. Once done will move to foreign Dictionary and Encyclopedia organisations.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (MWD) Merriam-Webster
New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD) Oxford University Press
Oxford Dictionary of English Oxford University Press
Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Oxford University Press



Research: Subdermal communication devices

New holdings: Amplifier semiconductors storage.

New office: Singapore Office (For manufacturing small scale goods for resale to Asian markets)


Crowdfunding goals

Goal #1 - Mid 2022 - Worlds first 3D printed Prosthetics schematics book.

$88 - 400k - Investment for own 3D Printing machinery for fabrication of worlds cheapest high performance open source Prosthetics schematics and companion book on 3D printing prosthetics.

Royalty on companion book and prosthetic schematics will enable us greater rate of return then investment as well as being a minor contribution to all other administrative tasks above that will enable us to grow as an organisation and secure key milestones in prosthetics history, cyborgisation and human evolution.

Schematics are based on own theory, designs, research and acquisitions from free and paid sources to create the foundation of worlds first basic, intermediate and expert skill based construction of prosthetics manufacturing. Targeted at all audiences involved in the reliance on prosthetics.


Goal #2 Late 2022  - Moodlight