Why Invest.

Considering Investing in a business? Why not choose an domestically pioneering technology enterprise with future integration considerations to government and publicly traded sectors with a realistic long term diversified conservative growth strategy. Rest assured every dollar spent will be publicly used to invest in short and long term growth options. From stocks to marketing campaign we stand behind a supportive lineup of media personalities wishing to further fuel our growth as the sole name recognition for Automation and A.I. engineering, training, consultation and sales of related technology hardware.

All investors will have the option of choosing where their investment goes to either fueling their long term or short term desires. Weekly meetings, and reporting will give investors the ability to visualise and prescribe new growth patterns for holdings and acquisitions and BAU expansion growth. Investors can see growth in equity via business expansion overtime as milestone timeline goals are achieved. Choosing to withdraw funds at a later stage can ensure a stable ROI in a domestic safe institution.

If you are serious in willing to invest then please contact us using to following link: Contact us to arrange a suitable time to discuss.

Public Financial Reports - TBD 2021

Business Growth Timeline


At this stage we aim to become the brand name for Australia's dedicated retailer of Automation and Artificial Intelligence services.

Our aim is to reach an eco-sustainable domestic cost economic enterprise servicing ANZ clients. Marketing and sales should reach a consistent growth pattern for new customer requisition. Subscribed clients should purchase as a main supplier for Automation and A.I. information technology business and hardware.

As globalisation seeks to bring in more cost economic global platforms to ANZ, we aim to provide the physical based institution as an domestic integration service for other ANZ clients, providing response, shelving, security, of domestic services.

Investment will take long term growth options as a conglomerate function to acquire stock options and land acquisition. We aim to avoid pitfalls of early pioneering ANZ Technology enterprises by investing domestically as a long term forecast.

Short term investments rely on Business As Usual enterprise expansion and merger's with small business owners to compete with similar global platforms.


Long term holdings investment expansion. Public Offering


Second round crowd-sourcing. Automation & A.I. conference created. Marketing outreach of expansion. Media personalities campaign advertisement.


BAU Expansion. Short and Long term holdings investment.


BAU Expansion. Short and Long term holdings investment. Larger office expansion move. Motor vehicle expansion. Media personalities campaign advertisement.


Internal savings fund focus for venture growth (short term) and stock options/land holding's acquisition (long term). Conference presence expansion.


First profit / loss report to be generated. First round funding for branding goals through Kickstarter. Business to focus all profit on contributors and marketing outreach. Expand partnership.


Started first official classes. Started sale of Information Technology hardware. Started consultation services. App deployment iOS on and Android, Stock range expansion.

2019 website created. First full-time employee hired. Office in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia setup.


Posh Python was officially founded. Free meetup groups run in Sydney in Tumbalong Park open to public.