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Microchip Implant. NFC Implant. RFID Implant. World’s first entirely safe implant, which you can use for contactless payments at any time, everywhere. Forget about the cash, card, and SmartPay solutions. Since now you can pay directly with your hand. Get your Walletmor payment implant now and make a step into the future.

What you should do after the purchase:

Step One:

Download an iCard app and set up your account
iCard is your EU-based digital wallet which is linkable with the Walletmor implant.

Step Two:

Activate and top up your implant in the iCard app
Link your implant with your iCard account by typing its activation code. Then, add money to your account.

Step Three:

How It Works:

 When you read about Walletmor payment implants, you are probably wondering “how does it really work”. If so, you certainly got in the right place. First of all, the most important for you to know is the fact that Walletmor payment implants are linkable with iCard personal accounts, so you need to open an account with iCard to use the Walletmor payment implant.

NFC Chip:

NFC Chip is like a computer’s hard drive, where all the data regarding your account is stored and encrypted. Thanks to the highest security standards, hacking or copying the data on another drive is impossible.

NFC Antenna - NFC Antenna makes it possible for the chip to establish communication with a POS terminal. Once a hand is placed at a close distance to a terminal, it works as a connector between the two devices, communicating in a certain protocol.

Biopolymer - Biopolymer is the material, of which the implant’s outer layer is made. It protects the chip and the antenna from any damages. Its biocompatible features were proved by the FDA, which means it can be safely placed in the human body.

Why You Should Get Implant:

  • It is the safest payment instrument currently available on earth: there is no risk of losing, or getting the implant stolen
  • It is ultimately convenient: since you have an implant inside your hand, you will never forget about money
  • It is globally accepted: you can play with it everywhere on the planet
  • It is entirely bio-safe: implant’s biopolymer’s materials are confirmed to be biocompatible by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • It is impossible to hack: NFC Communication Standard used for contactless payments prevents the implant from being hacked or copied.
  • It does not support outer technologies: it is not possible to spy, track, monitor, or gather any information about the implant’s user
  • It does not affect your medical treatment: you don’t need to worry about the magnetic resonance, tomography, MRI, or EKG treatment. Having an implant is not an issue.



Our payment implants use the same short-range near-field communication or NFC technology used by contactless payment cards. This means our implant has no battery and no power source of its own, nor does it transmit radio waves that could be intercepted. The NFC technology used in the implant initiates the transaction only when it is approached by a very short distance payment terminal. Close contact with the device ensures security and eliminates the risk of unwanted readers reading the data. Without putting your hand to an authorized payment terminal, it is impossible to collect any money.

Data Protection;

Another important aspect of the security context is additional authorization, made possible by a standard security system called 3-D secure, which provides connection encryption. Passive communication mode defines ISO 18092 standard – the basic standard of data transmission protocols. Additionally, the implant does not violate the basic privacy principles and does not track your location because it does not have GPS and no systems that allow you to spy on or track your location.

Further Benefits:

  • Moreover, when using a standard payment card, you are exposed to losses such as getting it lost or stolen.
  • If such a misfortune happens, you are endangered by losing all of your savings because of multiple transactions for under, for example, 20 euro, performed without further authorization.
  • With Walletmor implant, this risk of losses is reduced to zero.


Clinically Clean:

We ship the Walletmor implant in a sterilization pouch that is sealed inside a polymer pouch with chlorhexidine gluconate solution, which is used in surgical procedures as an antiseptic and germicide dermal treatment. The highest degree of clinical cleanliness is ensured so your professional installer can carry out the safe implantation of the Walletmor implant.

Highest Safety Standards:

Walletmor implants are completely safe for your health and friendly to the body. They have been subjected to numerous, rigorous tests and proved their highest safety standards, which allows us to open a new chapter in the era of contactless transactions.

Your Health IS The Highest Priority:

Your health is in no way endangered. The implant encapsulant biopolymer material has been tested to be biocompatible and hypoallergenic. Additionally, the implant can be easily removed at any time by any general practice doctor during a simple office visit.

Implant's Location:

The location that your Walletmor implant should be installed in your body is something you and your installation professional should discuss and decide on together. However, taking into account the convenience of use and random events that may cause its destruction, the recommended areas are either the outer side of the hand, just to the outside of the little finger metacarpal bone, or the forearm just above the wrist. Once healed, the implant’s location is fixed and does not move inside your body. In cooperation with a specialist, you will analyze the type of work performed, your physical activity and exposed places to find the best location for your implant.

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