VivoKey Apex


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VivoKey Apex

Microchip Implant. NFC Implant. RFID Implant. The VivoKey Apex is a contactless NFC secure element chip that runs small software programs called Java Card applets. They give the Apex based devices their magical powers.

We have partnered with Fidesmo to ensure a robust applet store filled with useful applications, powered by creative developers as well as strategic partnerships with larger corporations and service providers.

  • The Apex will eventually be available in several form factors, but the Apex Flex will be the initial offering.


The Apex chip secures your VivoKey Identity and connects you to a collection of VivoKey services that will continue to grow as more applications and service providers integrate VivoKey API support.

  • The Apex chip is currently in private testing and is not available for purchase by the public, yet.



VivoKey Identity:

Identity is a part of almost everything we humans do. From unlocking doors to reading email, proving who you are is critical to maintaining privacy and security. However, the identity mechanisms used to secure your life are often not very secure at all. Keys, access cards, usernames, passwords, and even biometrics all have serious flaws that make it trivial for attackers to thwart, overcome, or simply workaround.

Apex Applets:

We have released the following applets specifically for the VivoKey Apex chip.

OTP Authenticator:

The VivoKey OTP applet enables the Apex chip to store and generate Time Passwords in vivo. This two-factor authentication or 2FA code are commonly used to enhance user authentication processes for websites and financial transactions at some banks, bitcoin exchanges, etc.

NDEF Data:

The VivoKey NDEF applet enables the Apex chip to act as an NFC Type 4 tag. You can use any standard NFC application to write NDEF data to your Apex based device, and use any NFC compliant phone or reader to read that NDEF data - just like any other NFC tag. Below are some popular NFC applications for Android capable of writing data to the VivoKey NDEF applet.



VivoKey PGP:

Coming soon.

App icons 1_PGP.png


Not A (Tesla®) Keycard:

The "Not A Keycard" applet enables your Apex chip to pair with a Tesla® Model 3 vehicle as a valet card. You can access and drive your car all with your Apex chip.


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