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Posh Python

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We provide services to Implant your Implants (e.g. RFID / NFC Micro chip Implant or Magnets) purchased with us at any one of our safe global partner network locations. We work in tandem with some of the best Clinical Prosthetist, Body Modification artists and Cybernetic Engineers globally with decades of experience in Cybernetics.

Add this order to your cart along with respective Implants to have them all Implanted together at one single cost to you. You can arrange the time with us to have a skilled clinical technician attend to implanting your Cybernetics custom to you in a safe sterile medical environment.

We also provide the aftercare remote knowledge on how to setup, configure and get trained on Cybernetic Implant technology and get your implants working with whichever technology you want, from RFID, NFC, Bank cards, Credit Cards, EMVCo chips, Travel cards, Access cards, Tokenisation, Digital currency wallets, and more.

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