Buy $100 Polkadot

Buy $100 Polkadot


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Buy $100 AUD (Australian Dollars) worth of Polkadot (DOT) cryptocurrency to be deposited in your wallet.


We ask for your Polkadot public key when you buy Polkadot from our site. If you don't have a wallet or public key such as for first time buyers, we ONLY RECOMMEND downloading and installing the Electrum wallet software from this link

Then starting software run through steps to generate and backup up a 12 - 24 random dictionary word seed. (NEVER SHARE THIS SEED KEY WITH ANYONE. NEVER SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY DERIVED FROM YOUR SEED WITH ANYONE. PLEASE STORE KEY SAFELY SOMEWHERE SAFE.You will be provided a public key, this public key is used to send to anyone including our site to send you the nominated Polkadot amount purchased.


We are an Australian business registered with the Australian government, our ABN details are found on our partners page here: Contact us for immediate support and care regarding crypto purchasing today.


When you purchase a cryptocurrency for the nominated price from our website, we use aggregate calculations of crypto purchasing fees which are +/- 0.2% difference of the 3 largest Cryptocurrency exchanges globally; Binance, Kraken and Coinbase., and

As a guide you may refer to this third party website to check up to date Crypto prices (Remember to select AUD for Australian prices):

As a flat rate we charge $20 fees for each $100 AUD worth of Cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin [BTC]) Purchased. Therefore if $1000 AUD worth of BTC is purchased, we charge $200 fees. These profit costs run towards allowing us to provide a safe reliable government tracked exchange broker, $10 profit margin goes towards us, $10 towards inflating exchange fees to purchase your Cryptocurrency. Tax will be charged seperate to this order at checkout at a rate of ~10% to comply with GST (Australian government goods tax to comply with international standards).

Instead of wasting time getting setup on an exchange, wanting an Australian government registered secure business that responds to your queries and concerns and able to provide refunding of failed transactions or wanting ongoing support, news and care regarding purchased cryptocurrency, we provide multiple ways to help you get invested in Cryptocurrency. This is the easiest way to get invested today.

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