Afterlife services

When one becomes close to death, we are the worlds first to provide alternative services to the afterlife with trusted long term feasible studies to prolong your afterlife.

We provide multiple Afterlife services available. Currently we provide the services below.

  • Cryogenic freezing | Cryonics | Cryopreservation

All services come with the below included services to ensure your consciousness, body and digital privacy is ensured to be future-proof.

  • Feasibility study
  • Education material
  • Digital identification packaged
  • Mind Uploading discussions
  • Physical Personal long term storage
  • Health and fitness services
  • Diet and regime services
  • Brain data upload services
  • Future proofing ownership of your consciousness
  • Legal services (Will's/Inheritance/digital privacy)
  • Medical services

Please contact us so we can help find a solution for your afterlife in your country Ensure that you are prepared for the future.


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