RFID | NFC Cybernetic Implants

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Cybernetic Implants are the next revolution of human augmentation.

RFID/NFC Implants

With decades of work in the making we provide wholesale RFID/NFC compliant transponders that work with no battery requirements and lifetime warranty to use as tap and go devices to store a vast number of features to bring you to the forefront of human evolution.

Cybernetic Implants (or microchip implants), have been in use for decades in commercial and daily use. They are safe, sterile, and last a lifetime. They can be used to store sensitive information that no one else can access. If you're afraid anyone can simply scan your implant, rest assured the range is dependant on the Implant type and requires close proximity to scan. Unless someone knows the exact location of your implant they will need to scan your entire body to find the location of the implant.

If you're not sure what to get, or not able to implant them yourself or know how to configure these implants, then please use our custom surgery + configuration + training services, or send us a message for free support.

A list of popular uses for Cybernetic implants are as follows;

  • Access cards
  • Payment cards
  • Digital Business cards
  • Website URL link (portfolio or social media)
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Travel cards
  • And more...

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